OM10C パワーコンバイナー OM POWER 10KW

4月 22, 2020




Specification of OM10C:

Frequency coverage:1.8 – 29.7 MHz continuous
Power rating:10 kW PEP or continuous carrier into a matched load (VSWR below 1.2:1). Reduce the output at increased VSWR, linearly down to 5 kW at VSWR up to 2:1
Input impedance:50 Ohm unbalanced, input UHF SO239 connector
SWR:Less than 1,2 : 1 across band, input VSWR with 50 Ohm loads at the two splitter outputs: less than 1,2:1, 1,8-30MHz continuously (no tunings, no switching)
Output impedance:50 Ohm unbalanced, output 7/16“ connector
Insertion loss:very low insertions loss, less than 0,3 dB
Bar graph indications:– Output power in PEP
– Phase difference
– Reflected power in kW
LED indicators:– ON status
– OPR (operate)
– FAULT (faults indicator)
– Reflected Power
– Temperature
Mechanical parameters:65mm x 200mm x 350mm (width x height x depth)
Weight:8.1 kg
タイトル「OM10C パワーコンバイナー OM POWER 10KW」